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Entrepreneurial Agriculture Program

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The challenges of feeding the world in the 21st century demand we develop the entrepreneurial instincts of students to innovate and invent in all spheres of the agriculture and food industries to advance increased production in a safe environment. Our Entrepreneurial Agriculture (EA) program at SEBS is designed to promote value creation and/or addition in production agriculture and food through collaborative E-Team teaching by faculty and entrepreneurs within and outside Rutgers University; and student internship in agriculture and food industries in NJ and the Mid-Atlantic United States.

The EA program employs the services of university faculty and entrepreneurs from the private sector to inspire entrepreneurship among junior and senior undergrads and graduate students at Rutgers University. In addition, students enrolled in EA are given opportunity to apply for a competitive summer internship in the Ag & Food Industry for hands-on experience of how the industry works and what interventions are needed to add value to the current status in New Jersey and beyond.

Also, a student club—Rutgers' Student Entrepreneurship Team (RU-SET)—is being organized with a mission to promote entrepreneurship in production agriculture and food among members. With the help of mentors from Rutgers University and the private sector RU-SET will sustain EA's vision and mission far into the future.