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Graduation Requirements

Agriculture and Food Systems Major Curriculum

Part 1: Preparation for the Major (23-24 credits)

Science course requirements for the major (12 credits):

  • One semester of biology (4) at any level
  • One semester of chemistry (4) at any level
  • One semester of earth science/planet earth/geology; or ecology/landscape ecology/human ecology geology (4)

Soils (3 Credits)

  • Soils (3) any level

Economics (3 Credits)

  • Economics (3); (microeconomics recommended)

Mathematics/quantitative/research course requirements: (3 or 4 credits)

  • Placement into pre-calculus minimum; completion of pre-calc recommended.
  • Statistics or research methods (3-4)
  • another quantitative requirement is in the major (see below^)

Part 2: Courses in the Major - 15 courses (45 credits)

FIVE Core Courses (15 Credits) chosen from A and B, below:

A) Two required courses (6 credits):
  • 11:020:210 Introduction to Agriculture and Food Systems (3 credits)
  • 11:020:215 Applied Practical Applications in Agriculture and Food Systems^ (3 Credits)
B) Three courses from an approved list* (9 credits):

For example: Introductory courses such as Plant Science, Botany, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Animal Science, Human Ecology, Nutrition, Oceanography, Sociology, Psychology etc.

Agroecology, Agritourism, Direct Farm Marketing, Sustainable Agriculture, Starting and Managing a Small Farm, Community Food Justice, Spanish language & culture or other languages & cultures

10 Electives (30 Credits):

10 Electives must be chosen to have breadth and some depth in consultation with UPD.

At least one elective classes must be selected from each of the following five categories*.

  • Agricultural Sciences (which may focus on specialty crops, urban and new technologies as well as different production methods)
  • Agribusiness and entrepreneurship
  • Food Systems; including community food justice and advocacy; health; supply chain
  • Policy, ethics and law;
  • Communication, education and leadership

*Note: Courses will be listed in Degree Navigator under each category

Program Director

Xenia Morin
Rm. 284, Foran Hall
Phone: 848-932-3502